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73. Patience

Title: Patience Pairing: Alexander/Kevin Words: 972 

There are so many things I want to do in my lifetime. 

I want to get in my car one day and just drive…doesn’t matter where I go as long as I keep going with a smile on my face. 

To spend my day living the life only a princess could dream of, not caring about the money spent but the happiness bought. 

I want to stay out late into the night partying without control or reason, without a restraint or conscience.

I want to climb the tallest mountain then skydive right off, not caring that I’m deathly afraid of heights.

I want to do so many things in such a small amount of time and I seem to rush it. Through all the glorious ideas and thoughts, there’s always a flaw, there’s always a problem. 

The second I step out of line with daily routines I think ‘I want to do this with someone I love. I want to share the world and all it has to offer me with someone else.’ 

Sharing the selfishness of ones being fills the empty void in someone else’s chest.

Okay cut the happy/mushy/lovey-dovey crap. Here’s what really goes on with my life.
My names Woo SungHyun but my friends have gotten into the habit of calling me Kevin ever since I came back from America. I’m 18 years old with a hell of a lot of issues. Kids at my University bully me for no reason (or I like to say for no reason but my friends tell me its because I’m too girly.) Am I? Am I really? I don’t think so…but still that’s not my only issue. My BIGGEST problem is that I’m just…impatient. And I cant help but keep my life moving at a fast pace, even though it gets me into problems wherever I go I just CAN’T learn my lesson.  


The intoxicating smell of alcohol smoke and sweat intertwined with my heavy breathing left me breathless at the dance floor. (I was tired and my body wanted a nice cool down at the bar.)
I lingered through the clutter of eradicators as the pounding bass of the music and neon laser lights bounced off every wall for what seemed like an orbed frenzy of colors, urging the dancers on with haste of beats. 
‘What am I doing here? I really don’t belong. I’m a good boy…I’m a good boy…I’m a--’ 
I shifted through the people as I stared intently at their faces. 
(Pierced, tattooed, multi colored everything, pale skinned, and sweat accumulated body.)
I wanted to run. 
Positioned before a tower of Joanne Meruneox Champaign glasses, (Stacked to god knows where) I stood dumbfounded at my reflection. 
I shook my head and walked away, ignoring the fact that my good Sunday shirt was now ruined and (might I add) halfway unbuttoned. 
My hair a slight mess, (highly doubt it was just slight, a good ‘sex hair over done’ would do you good!) True Religion black skinnies becoming a little too tight for my liking and the fact that there were about 10 guys staring at me like they wanted to eat me.

I wake up in the morning feeling like (P.Diddy Yeah Ohkay, Joking) crapola.
There’s a giant headache waiting to be released like its some sort of ugly demon living in my skull and its banging at my temples for a fraction of fresh air.
I decided ‘Hey, it’s a Sunday. I’m just going to sleep in…’ 
That would have been perfectly fine if I didn’t find someone else’s clothes tossed carelessly around my room. 


This isn’t even MY ROOM. 

And I get scared thinking of what might have happened last night and what kind of STD’s that person could have given me. (Oh the horror.)
And then all the ‘mights’ turned into ‘dids’ and I start to cry noticing all my clothes gone.
There’s a shutting of a door somewhere and a faint sound of the shower stopping, it irks my tears and there’s a blurry figure walking closer.
I nearly have a heart attack as this man’s arms envelope me into a hug and his unfamiliar scent filling my senses. 
He’s telling me nice things...happy thoughts…nice-- (I think of how this man could be a killer, how ironic it could be that his words actually calm me down, and that this could be my last breath)

“Who are you.” I choke.
“Xander. Just call me Xander.”
“You’re not going to kill me are you?”

He chuckles and wipes away my tears with his thumb. 
“Why would I do that?” 
He pushes away my bangs and kisses me subtly on the forehead. 

He’s a stranger. A One-Night Stand.
Sweet Scent. Sweet Smile. 


“It’s been a month but…you’re still a stranger to me.”
“I know.”
“Why did you say you loved me?”
“I don’t know.”
 “You didn’t mean it but your eyes did, I saw every word in your eyes...they were...real.”
“I dont want to do this to you. But I have to for now. Goodbye, Kevin.”


Patience is a virtue.

I can wait for that special someone to walk by. Even if he has to walk by twice.


“Xander Hyung, wait.”


“I loved you since the first day, first night, the first touch.”

“You’re rushing it again.”

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