Byul Syohyun (lifeshope_enemy) wrote,
Byul Syohyun

1. Introduction


Title: Introduction Pairing: a/n Words: 173
You can’t love carelessly for that never produces anything; nothing ever comes from the heart when it is tossed without judgment from one to another.

You cannot force a heart to love either, it scars and burns and cuts till you are too afraid to fight back, to love someone that is right for you.

In the beginning it is always like this.
There is doubt, there is uncertainty, and there is judgment and pain.

But it subsides when you fit the pieces together. 

There are a million words to describe the feeling, a thousand memories to tie along with it and a hundred thoughts to question you but really, there is only one you, only one heart and only one person in this world that you can love to the fullest. 

And even though you may not get it the first try, keep going. 
Who knows where life will take you?

Love is such a horrible thing.

Tags: 100 themes!, a/n
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