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Tumbling Over Love Prt 1


Amane Koizumi

The fall of the winter snow was much colder than yesterdays. Silence broke through its laden barricade and consumed my home whole, eating away at its warmth and comfort right before my very eyes.
“Imoto(little sister), gomen…” 
“Apology not accepted.” 
I’ve never seen someone’s face fall as fast as Kon-chan’s. It was heartbreaking but it’s a must if I wanted to continue living here in the home I’ve always felt safe and wanted. The sanctum of memories was being taken away from me and I wasn’t going down without a battle.  
“It’s not a choice Amane Koizumi, we have to go, my job depends on it.”
“Then why don’t you move by yourself? I don’t care if I’m alone, I’ll make it.” I snapped back.
“With what money?” He egged on; glaring was added into the battle. Our eyes played a game of tug-o-war; my eyes searched the dark orbs of his eyes finding a weakness. “Please Komi, for me? For your well being?” Loser. 
“I’m not going, even if it means I have to fast and not eat anything until you say so.”
“Watch me.”
--------------3 hours later---------------
“KON-CHAN, UETA DESU (I’m hungry).
“I win.” He snickers as he hands me my bento and pats my head. His smile blinded me as his pink apron clashed horribly with his work clothes.
“Now go to school before you’re late, and don’t forget to turn in those papers to the attendance office.”
“Depends on the bento, if its good then the papers will be turned in, if not, they’re heading straight for the fireplace.” I smirked as he shook his head.
“Lucky meee!~ It’s my world famous Omrice!”
“…………I love you Kon-Chan.” I said, drooling over my bento.
“Now go, enjoy your last day Imoto-channnnn~” He sang as he waved me goodbye.
“Don’t remind me you old fart.” Whispering to myself.
I walked though the clean white empty halls of St. Blossom’s all girl school. I wasn’t late…but I wasn’t early either and noticed most of the girls were in their classrooms already. I briskly jogged to the office where I was to send the papers to and at the front desk sat a fairly old lady.
“Miss Amane I presume?” 
“Hai. Watashi wa Amane Koizumi desu. Imu wa, koko ni tensō shi masu.” (Yes, I’m Amane Koizumi. I’m here to transfer out.) 
“Yes, your brother already called in. May I have your papers?” I handed her the quiet stack. In my head they yelled for me to take them back and make a run for it. They didn’t want to leave St. Blossom’s care, and neither did I. “Such a shame…” she said, shifting through my documents. “You were quite the gymnast.” I bowed in apprehension. “To lose such a member of our Rhythm Gymnastics club is such a waste…whoever holds you in their care next is a fortune school.” I bowed again and made a mad dash for my classroom. 
------------After School-------------
“So how was it?” My brother sat by the door, sipping his usual non-sweetened cinnamon black tea.
“The usual sort of day.”
“Did you cry?”
“You didn’t??? Geez…wait…you didn’t tell them you were leaving did you?” I shook my head and felt the sting in my eyes. I could never lie to my brother, he was the only one left. 
“Come here, listen kid, its not like your never going to see them again…I mean its not like we’re moving to America or anything…stop crying baka.” I sniffled about a million times as I cried, locked in a tight hug that made air impossible to come in but I felt better, I felt assured.  
-------------Next Day---------------
Packing isn’t so bad when there isn’t much to take with you. We only took the things that had value, worth, and memory. Without all its content our home was like the shell disposed by an ignorant hermit who settled for bigger and better. I wasn’t like that hermit at all; I liked our place and wouldn’t want anything more.
“Kon-Chan…about school…”
“You’re already enrolled at Karasumori High School. No buts, no ifs, no nothing.”
I pursed my lips at him. “Not fair! I don’t have a choice to move and I don’t even get to pick what school I go to? Wow, you suck big time.”
------------New Home---------------
“So what do you think?” My brother gestured to our new “home”
“………you’ve got to be kidding me.” 
“You don’t like it?”
“You kidding me? Who WOULDN’T like it? How the hell could we afford this? What the hell, are you working part time as a secret freaking agent???” 
This wasn’t just a house, this wasn’t just a home, it was like…THE WHOLE BLOCK.
“Actually little sis, the job I have is paying for the house and the maids in return for my detective skills and services to the police in solving crimes.” 
“Shit….that’s awesome! So you are good for something….wait…what? WE HAVE MAIDS??” I was ready to pass out but a herd of ladies in black and white dresses filed out of the large oak doors of the mansion and formed a line in front of us.
“Welcome home, Oji-Sama, Hime-Sama.” They chorused.
“We’re apparently royalty, Bro.”
--------------2 Hours Later------------
“Hime-Sama, we have your school uniform, I hope you are ready to start bright and early tomorrow.” One of the maids handed me a dark blue uniform, nearly black, it sizzled in my hands. ‘Nothing compares to the St. Blossom uniforms…’ I sighed, setting it beside me on the bed.
“Miss…maid…lady…sorry I don’t know your name but…do I really have to start tomorrow?”
“Shizuri desu.” She bowed. “Hime-Sama MUST start tomorrow if she is to catch up with the rest of her class.” She said bowing.
I sighed, tomorrows going to be hell, I know it.
---------------Next Day-------------
The maids woke me up bright and early, too early. 
I was so dead, I felt lifeless in their arms as they helped me with my uniform, did my hair and makeup. I had no clue what was going on around me but when I happened to open my eyes I was already in a spacious black car with leather seating. 
“Am I still dreaming?” I wondered out loud.
“I’m sorry Hime-Chan but no, you are not dreaming.” My brother’s voice came from the front of the car.
“Dude, where’d you get this car???”
“You live in that kind of house and your still asking these kinds of questions?” he laughed.
“Shut uppp it’s too early to think right.”
“Get outta my car, brat. Youre making me late for work.” I playfully hit my brother’s shoulder and got out of the car. 
“Have fun at school Komi-Chan!”
“Have fun at work baka!” I smiled back.
I ran towards the school large black gates and into the school grounds. I was lost, and…afraid? No this wasn’t fear, it was nervousness and caution.
“Get outta the way, chibi.” A large muscular guy pushed me to the ground and my knee skidded fast against the dirt floor; he looked like a yakuza member, I wanted to rip the blonde hair right out of his head, then and there.
“Oi, daijoubu desukka?(Are you okay?)” I evaded my stare from the gash on my knee to the boy who was not helping me up. “Uh…hai, daijoubu.(Yes, I’m alright.)”
The sunlight shining behind him prevented me from seeing his face, and I grew curious. We quickly scrambled to the infirmary, my stare was consciously at the large stinging gash on my leg, I quickly forgot the boy next to me. The nurse treated my knee as he waited outside. I regretted not getting a good look at his face.
“Hey, how’s the cut now?” I heard him walk back into the room. His voice…his face…
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