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Lost Connections CRACK (prt 2)


After finally settling in and grabbing the most junkiest of junk foodz from my kitchen we finally pressed “start” on the title games title page. I glanced over at Xun and grinned, this was my favorite part in the game other than the ending…I couldn’t wait to hear the opening song and intro…I was literally shaking in my shorts.

(Pretend the songs in English -___- and that the video is from KH D-S)
“That shiz is…..AWESOME I WANT THAT SONG IN MAH ITOUCH.” I screamed, shaking my head to the beat.
“MEE TOO I WANNA SEE IT AGAIN!” Xun said placing her 8th cup of coffee down next to her along with her coffee cake and coffee flavored cookies I got her.

As I was about to press “replay cutscene” (because you can so totally do that in this game) our controllers violently shook without warning and our screen fell blank and silent.

“What the…”

“Maybe your games defective, Milla…you should get your money back.”

“NOT EVEN. that shiz cost me a lot and I AM NOT paying the return costs…”

Suddenly my television came back to life and it flickered the way Tvs did in a horror movie.

In truths.

We both freaked out and ran to the farthest corner of my room.

“OKAY ITS SERIOUSLY DEFECTIVE AND HAUNTED.” Xun cried as she hid under her sweater.


The tv then turned blank again but slowly started playing the song again but only as an instrumental. It kind of made the moment less scary but out of nowhere a voice started speaking.
“It looks like a letter from King Mickey… It is better if you read it out loud so Sora, Kairi and I could hear you…” I turned to look at Xun.

“This better be part of the game…” I told her.

“Do we really have to read it out? That voice must belong to Riku…” I watched her smile a bit.

“We haven’t even started playing and you’re already fantasizing…”  

“Are you going to read it to us?” Came the voice from the television. We both screamed at the sudden question.

“It’s like he’s…talking to us…”

“Maybe its just timed like that…” Xun questioned.

“Are we really suppose to read it? We don’t even have like…a microphone.”

“Just do it…there doesn’t seem to be another way to get past this part anyways…” I watched as Xun pressed in every button combination on the control pad.

“I guess so….alright then…READ IT WITH ME!!!” She nodded her head and we followed Riku’s instructions.

“You may get lost in the darkness,
Where it beats, no matter where you are there’s light
We’ve gotten of to such a rough start…”

Xun paused to get another sip of her coffee…missing the next line but I read on anyways…

“Secretly that one day I wont be who I use to.
I can't help thinking I shouldn't exist.”

I paused till she finished and now we read on together again.

“I can shape the world around me.
And I know how other people work…
I know what they did and can do…”

I read too fast I missed a line apparently…what were the words? I kept reading…forgetting to say those two lines.

“You can try, but you won’t understand.
Light bearer…one side right and the other…wrong…”

We both finished off the last lines of the poem wondering what would happen next.

“Something still draws us to the land between light and dark..
Because its never too late to see the door.”

I thought something totally epik was gonna happen…I felt it coming and there it was A BRIGHT LIGHT FROM MY TV SCREEN.

“OMG WHATS IT SAY I CANT READ IT???” Xun splurged as we both covered our eyes from the brightness.


“Then the light faded and I glared at the words on my television.

“Save or Continue?” Xun said in a monotone voice.

“Save I guess…”

And I clicked save…

“Wow…this game is scary..” I cringed.

“I know right!!! It makes you want to have a heart attack for like 5 seconds then it turns freaky then….”

“Then what?” I turned to look at Xun but she was laying on the floor…she looked dead.

“Xunnie? XUNNIE??” I gasped as I rolled her over and stared down at her.

She wasn’t breathing…or so I think…(hey im not that smart alright…)

”Omg I think I killed her WITH THE COFFEE.” I cried as I drank a bit of her black bitter bleh coffee…If I did kill her, I might as well die with her out of guilt.

I felt a slight tugging in my chest and I started to choke on air…I was suffocating and then…

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