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Lost Connections CRACK (prt 3)


XUN’S POV------x

I finished the poem on the television and stared down at the game controller.

‘Now what…’ I thought. I expected Riku to say something like “Thank you, stranger. Lets be friends and kick some heartless ass for the 6th time.” But nothing happened…well nothing happened to the game, me on the other hand started to feel a bit anxious.

My vision started to become blurry and I rubbed at my eyes to try and adjust but nothing helped. My throat was dry and I felt a slight headache dawn itself on me.

My reaction looked quite priceless now that I think about it, my voice failed to call out and I grew tired, sleepy, drowsy…even after my 8th cup of coffee and it was inevitable for the ignorant girl beside me to help. I reached out my hand to her and barely missed her hip by an inch as she reached for another cookie by the table. I grew weak and faced the other way…if I was to die right now…I’d haunt her ass down till her spirits right here next to me.

In conclusion…I now believe that game is seriously haunted.


I felt sick, like I was going to hurl out my lunch and dinner in a split second. I had the effects of a really bad hangover…without the alcohol of course and I really couldn’t see through all the palm trees around me.


Palm Trees?

I was outside, laying on the cold ground with the night sky vast above me, engulfing my attention with its blinking stars and comets. I was covered in dirt, I felt the small pebble rocks stick painfully into my palm as I lifted myself onto my two feet, wiping away the crumbled sand and dirt off my clothes and bare skin.

I blinked hard trying to take in the view ahead of me. A vast, wide ocean…I could tell that the water was as clear as crystal and I wondered if I was still in California…

Of course not…you’re never at the right place, at the right time in dreams…

Coming to my senses I noticed that I must have fallen into some strange nightmare instead, for I was lost without a clue as of where I was and of course I had strikingly, matching, blue hair and outfit.

It puzzled me…

Why are these clothes so familiar? Where have I seen them? Why is my hair blue?

But of course this was a dream. Or a nightmare…

“So this is where you’ve been hiding, silly.”

I was scared shitless and tackled the creature that’s suddenly come up behind me into the water, off of the small cliff we were standing on.

I felt the ice cold water engulf me like a box. My throat burned for air out of shock and I kicked off of the creatures stomach to reach the surface.

‘I could kill this thing once and for all.’ I thought to myself. Reaching the surface and pulling away stray hairs that clung to my skin in thick stands. Payback for scaring me shitless in the middle of the night.

I waited for the creature to re-surface…but it never did…I wondered to myself.

‘What was that thing?’ Then I remembered that it could talk…and it had a girl voice…

Then suddenly everything clicked into place…

Where I was…

Who I was dressed like…

The endless body of water…

The ‘creature’...


I dove back into the water at high speed, I didn’t want to be the bad guy in this game -- killing a Princess of Hearts-- no way…that was Milla’s job. 

“KAAIIRIII” I yelled. (while being in water because Sora can do it, I cant do it too) I sped towards what I thought to be her body, but turned out to be clumps of dark seaweed protruding from the sandy ocean floor. I was losing air fast, but I needed to find Kairi before something happened…

Her safety or mine. Her safety or mine… 
Even though its only a dream, I took my chance and continued to search for the lost princess.

The light is near…follow me….don’t be scared…he wasn’t…

This voice was clear in my head, it told me to follow it…follow what exactly…but then I saw it…it was…CRUSH THE TURTLE FROM FINDING NEMO!!!

“Hey little dude..ette…follow the Crush man, your buddy’s totally like…knocked out dudette…totally.”

I rolled my eyes and followed the turtle to who knows where, completely forgetting the fact that I could no longer breathe.

“Wait!!! Wait…..wait……………………..”

And for the second time…I saw black. I was surely drowning because I couldn’t open my eyes, the smooth waters around me were rushing past my figure like a tidal wave, casting me whichever way it decided. I was the lifeless rag doll and this was me in the dryer…the total opposite of the calm waters I was swimming through only a few seconds ago…

I might have been unconscious…
I may not have been breathing…
This was a dream after all…
I cant possibly die…right?


“They're both breathing…”

“Phew…that’s a relief…”

“I wouldn’t know what to do if something happened to one of them…”

“You can say that again, Riku.”

‘Riku?’ I thought. I realized that the two were Sora and Riku and that they were talking about me…and…someone else? That someone could be Kairi!!

‘So we’re not dead…that’s great…’

“What should we do? Should we wait for them to wake up?”
A deep voice, who I think belonged to Riku spoke up.

“Maybe we should bring them back to Main Island to get checked up first…see what’s wrong. ”

“If anything is wrong…”

“They’ve been in water for almost 3 days Riku! They could have like…water…infection…or they could be ALLERGIC TO WATER!” Sora shouted.

I felt too weak to move, not even my eyelids would grant me a slight peak of the warm Destiny Island sunlight…I felt the bruises run along every inch of my body, one for every total crash impact against a running wave.

I felt sick, seasick.

“Doctor Evan….can you help them?” (Le gasp! Vexen’s Somebody! Mad scientist =/= Doctor haha)

“Blah Blah Blah disease causes blue hair Blah Blah Blah pink dress has anorexia Blah Blah Blah…”

I tried to listen in on what the doctor had to say but it was as if I was slipping into unconsciousness every few seconds…

“Take them home and rest….Blah Blah….”

“Thanks Doc…” Sora said…or was it Riku? Whatever…not important.


It was hot on Destiny Island….very hot. Even though it hurt to move, it was inevitable because of the heat, tossing and turning to reach the cooler side of the bed…wait what…BED? Where the hell am I?

I woke up, shocked. This wasn’t Milla’s room…and it wasn’t mine…OMG I GOT KIDNAPPED.

“Where…the shiz…am I…” I whispered to myself. I checked if my clothes were still on because…you never know…I could have been raped!!!

Yes, they were still on and intact.

Thank Shisus.

I stretched my arms above me, suddenly, I wasn’t feeling sick anymore…or drowsy…or…anything, I felt perfectly fine…but it was still hot and I was sweating in these sheets…whoever they belonged to…

To Be Cont.
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