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Lost Connections CRACK (prt 4)


“Are you alright dear?” A lady around her 30’s stood at my door. Her long blonde hair hung limp along her shoulders, glistening almost magically with the light through the window. (which I didn’t notice was there, gosh that’s a small ass window…) Her voice was quite familiar to me and so was her skinny frame but I disregarded it as soon as it came.

“Umm…I’m fine…thank you…but…where exactly am I?” I asked. She didn’t look like a rapist…she looked friendly for that matter.

“By gosh! Oh no! Oh dear…you don’t recognize me? Oh dear…oh dear…” She shook her head and ran towards my bedside, she placed her hand on my forehead, probably feeling for a fever of some sort. “You don’t know who I am? At all?” She asked.

I shook my head at her. “Am I suppose to? Wait…are you my….mother?” I guessed off the top of my head.

“No sweets, I’m not.”

“My AUNT?”


“Sister?” She giggled.

“Too old to be your sister Xun…but...oh dear no…you must have amnesia or something…no…that isn’t good…”

She spent 10 minutes of my good time fussing over the fact I couldn’t remember her. She didn’t bother telling me who she was either but she did call Sora on her…umm cell…phone? It looked like a shell but she…was talking into it somehow…how magical…

“And she said she didn’t remember who I was….and I’m sure she wont remember….yes I know….but what if she….but Sora, be serious….I AM! She doesn’t remember….oh, alright…yes…alright…goodbye.” I watched as she placed the phone down and made he way back to my bedside. She sighed a little and told me to try and remember what happened.

“Well….I was at my friends house and we were playing a game and then I woke up and I almost killed Kairi…” By this time Sora and Riku somehow found their way into the room and all I could do was gape at their figures.

“Why re they here…” I asked the lady as she smiled and patted my head.

“They’re your friends Xun…you have to remember them at least?” I just glumly stared at the pair. They were my friends? What the faaaack, my friends are video game characters? What happened to Milla? Is she here?

A hundred questions started forming in my head and I didn’t like it. I wanted to go home…well actually not really…I wanted to see what would actually happen if I stayed here on Destiny Island…

“Mom, I think we’ve done enough damage…I’m sure she’s confused about everything…” Sora said patting the lady’s back as she sobbed. Oh…so she’s HIS mom…well…I wonder why she’s crying…ha..ha…

“She probably hit her head somehow and cant remember…but if were lucky her memories might come back.” The word might came out a bit shaky and everyone but me looked worried about it.

Memories were a touchy subject when it came to the characters of Kingdom Hearts and I found myself disregarding the whole sad little situation.

“Hey, guys…umm calm down…its not like I’m dying or anything so…TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWNNN!!!” I yelled.

Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I don’t exactly know why till I felt something cold and gooey wrap itself around my arm.

“Guys…I’m too afraid to turn around…what is it.” I said, obviously scared shitless on what it could possibly be.

Heartless…” Sora whispered and I blanked out for the millionth time.


Being totally clueless of my surroundings was basically the point of my existence here in Kingdom Hearts.

I wasn’t brave like Sora.

Or loving like Kairi.

Determined like Riku.

I was freaking clueless.

I was in the shit-hole of oblivion. (not castle oblivion btw)

The sad little part where the damsel in distress was no longer Kairi (pshhh) but was me in her place.

I didn’t like it.




“Well, well, well…look big brother, a straggler.” I heard someone say.

“I wonder how she got here…” Another voice, much soothing and calm than the first said.

“Doesn’t matter Yazoo, we can use her.” A voice from a distance retorted, it was paired with gentle footsteps coming closer to me. I was too afraid to open my eyes, maybe if I did, they would kill me...or something worse.

‘Yazoo? Why does that sound so familiar?’ I asked myself.

‘Yazoo…Yazoooo….YAHHOOO…..stop. Must. Focus. Who are these guys?’ There was a loud rumble of some sort of engine, made me want to pee my pants at the loud sudden noise. ’Must be a motorbike.’

And there I was, laying on someone’s motorbike as they drove away into the sunset…oh joy. I’m getting kidnapped…again.
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