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We Can Dive Into The Sun Intro+Disclaimer


 Yes, yes, this is going to be an ALICE NINE fan fiction! This is going to be my first time writing about them (or is it? I don’t remember…) but anyways I just want to say that NO I do not own them or anyone else in PSC in any way shape or form (though I wish I do, as do many other people) Oh! But I do own my 5 little OC characters (Mirai, Akumiji, Yumei, Hitomi, and Seiji –why is Seiji the ONLY name my computer is NOT trying to spell check?-) they be my little works of art put up in words. Don’t like my OC’s? Then put yourself in their place, I’m not going to force you to like them. And if you don’t like their natural humanistic flaws and expect them to be amazingly pretty, nice, graceful, and get all the guys, then sorry, this is going to be realistic. Sorry about the rant but I’ve had people betch about this to me and I tell them over and over that PEOPLE ARE NOT PERFECT. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.

This is my sad attempt at a disclaimer.

Peace, Love and Jrock. Enjoy the fic betches :D (Syo.)

We’ve all shared a little bit of history together, the pieces of memories and everything in between whispered ‘fate and destiny’ but that never really made a difference in any of us. Life was merely about coincidences and timing and our views haven’t changed at all.

The jump felt like eternity.

We met each other in full velocity, we touched without gravity.

It started out too early, we started out too early.

We started to fall.

The way you always took your dog out for a walk with me running too far ahead, the times we would always go shopping; even if we never really bought anything, when we’d grab a cup of coffee from your favorite café down the street, our daily walk around the park when the sun barley sets, and the random drives around your hometown; you’d take me sightseeing.

Life is just made of pure coincidences. But those coincidences could ruin someones life…sadly fate nor destiny would help us solve things.

We’ve been there before - we’ve felt all of this before, but you know what they say…people are bound to repeat the past and here we come, running back with our tail between our legs.

I guess that’s what made us stronger, just thinking that something like this can happen to us again gave us a little jolt inside. Just the thought of it has been holding each and every one of us together, these years have just rushed past us but we can’t forget that one day, we’ll find that break through the fog and we can push back.

Our dive began.

We’ve all kept grudges, asked lingering questions, gave closed judgmental comments and faced troubles that never quite got resolved. The emotions we held created scars that could never fully heal no matter how much we tried to fix things. Changing our hair styles, clothes that mixed and clashed, the colors we absorbed and gave out, they were never enough to hide the marks created by them.

You’re probably thinking about how much we don’t make sense right now and that’s alright because our lives are meant to confuse you in every way possible…….just kidding, we really don’t make sense more than half of this story.
But you, my dear reader, you are just supposed to sit back, recline, and read about this sad, sad, sad, life. You’ll end up knowing us better than you know yourself.

Please, put yourself in our place.

Dive into the sun with us.

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